In our range of services, we specialize in the planning and administration of projects involving wastewater collection systems, treatment plants, filtration systems, biological treatment methods, and tertiary systems.
Wastewater treatment is an essential process for transporting used water to a treatment system before its discharge into the environment. This purification process ensures that the water is returned to the environment in optimal conditions, minimizing the environmental impact and complying with relevant regulations and directives concerning water management.
At our company, we specialize in developing tailored projects that are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Our goal is to design a purification process that is perfectly suited to the flow and pollutant load of the wastewater, utilizing the most appropriate technology for each unique case.
We offer expert technical assistance for the construction or enhancement of various projects, including:

  • Surface Water Treatment Facility Upgrade
  • Desalination Plant Feasibility Study
  • Water Reuse and Recycling Program Development
  • Filtration System Evaluation and Improvement
  • Disinfection Process Enhancement for Drinking Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Pumping Stations (EBAR)
  • Ecological sewage treatment plants
  • Urban sanitation networks
  • Sewer pipes, sewage pipes, overflow channel